Kitsch Bitch

Ganz nach dem Motto „less is more“ bedruckt KITSCH BITCH Textilien und Accessoires.
Open: Mi-Fr 14:00-18:00, Sa 11:00-17:00
Kitsch Bitch

Mühlgasse 29/5
1040 Wien
Filiale(n) vorhanden
0699 154 55 991


The colours black and white , run like a golden thread through all the collections. It’s all about funny, bold and ambiguous phrases... that is what makes KITSCH BITCH so unique. The Founder and Designer, Lilly Egger, a 23 year old Viennese Girl started up the Label in 2012. KITSCH BITCH was one of the first fashion labels in Vienna which applied the pop up concept.

The decision to sell KITSCH BITCH only on Pop Ups, without an online or actual store, was a conscious one and it turned out to be the right one, because it lead to the labels present popularity. The idea behind it was that the customers had to sign up for a newsletter to get information about the next pop up in order to be the first ones to buy the „hard to get“ KITSCH BITCH stuff. After one successful years and a much bigger range of products, KITSCH BITCH opened their first Shop in Vienna, selling KITSCH BITCH and a wide selection of accessories.
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